Kaks Kokka


It is not possible to define the character of Kaks Kokka by certain borderlines or compass.
In addition to the freshest ingredients we will add lots of love and joy and just the right amount of humor into all dishes.

Kaks Kokka (Two Chefs) is a little brother of restaurant Ö, which is managed by two chefs Ranno Paukson and Martin Meikas and is totally worth to keep an eye on it! It does not matter if you come for a lunch or a cocktail with friends, here you’re at the right place anytime!

Opened 2014

Chefs de Cuisine Martin Meikas and Ranno Paukson

Restaurant up to 52 persons

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Info and reservations: +372 6616151
Mon-Thur 12.00–23.00
Fri-Sat 12.00–00.00
Sun 13.00–22.00

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