Ö & Kaks Kokka

17. Feb 2014

Restaurant Ö and Kaks Kokka opened in May 2014
under the guidance of two new chefs Martin Meikas and Ranno Paukson.

The soul of restaurant Ö and Kaks Kokka lies in its kitchen and a carefully chosen team, both in the dining hall and the kitchen. Shared values, synergy and “doing it together” are the keywords that describe the restaurants best and through these qualities we strive to provide exquisite  experiences to our customers.

New chefs are fascinated by the histories of the emergence of the original dishes and the techniques of their preparation. They don’t shy away from deconstructing age old classics and reassembling them in a novel way. After all, food needs to be honest – without veiling or beautifying its essence.

The reopened restaurant Ö will continue in fine dining and welcome guests from 6 PM for dinners.The focus in restaurant Ö’s cuisine will be on domestic ingredients and the menu will fluctuate in accordance with the seasonality.

Restaurant Kaks Kokka (Two Chefs) is a little brother of restaurant Ö. Kaks Kokka is a place that is constantly changing and is never exactly the same. It is not possible to define the character of Kaks Kokka by certain borderlines or compass – the basis for all this is good and fresh ingredients (raw material), mostly from Estonia.


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