Silverspoon 2013

3. Feb 2014

Restaurant Tchaikovsky

The best restaurant
The Best Gourmet Restaurant
The Best Hotel Restaurant

Restaurant Chedi

The Best Ethnical Restaurant

Other news

Ö & Kaks Kokka


Restaurant Ö and Kaks Kokka opened in May 2014
under the guidance of two new chefs Martin Meikas and Ranno Paukson

London foodie


The London Foodie Goes to Estonia - Tallinn and is delighted with our restaurants

Northern Delights


Revered London-based chef introduces Tallinn's best restaurants

Superbly celebrations!


Celebrate the New Year with marvellous food and terrific company.

Nicolo Tanda new challenges


Good news for all fans of fresh fish and Italian food!

The 50 Best Restaurants


Restaurant Tchaikovsky is at the 1st place in Tallinn and at the 2nd place in Estonia.

Restaurant Tchaikovsky Chef’s Duet


2-star Michelin Chef Karlheinz Hauser from restaurant Seven Seas and restaurant Tchaikovsky Chef Vladislav Djatšuk

Tallinn Restaurant Week


The third edition of Tallinn Restaurant Week brought together 36 restaurants this year, representing local and international cuisines.